S1 E1 - Birth Charts with Jenifer Edwards

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S1 E2 - Your Child's Brain, Movement, & Neuroplasticity with Sylvia Shordike

S1 E3 - Intuitive Parenting with Denise Correll

S1 E4 - CranioSacral with Kimberly Painter

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S1 E5 - Channeling Your Child's Higher Self

S1 E6 - The Spiritual Awakening of an Analytical Mind with Tina Moody

S1 E7 - Achieve Tahoe with Haakon Lang-Ree

S1 E10 - Unique Speech Therapy with Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist Rebecca Bailey-Torres

S1 E11 - Introducing Feng Shui and How It Can Effect Your Life and Home with Kerstin Tracy

S1 E13 - Mickey on the Move with Michelle Wagner

S1 E16 - Rainbows, Diamonds, & Goldens...OH MY!

S1 E17 - Limiting Toxins & Boosting Immunity with Kate Rose

S1 E19 - Exhaling with Mary Bell

S1 E20 - Angel Poems with Kristin Kozlowski 

S1 E22 - Human Design with Kaydee Desjarlais

S1 E23 - Meet Amazing: Our 1st Dad Interview with Kelly Melerine from I'MPossible

S1 E24 - Exploring Music Therapy with The BenAnna Band

S1 E26 & E27- Author of The Horse Boy and The Long Ride Home - Rupert Isaacson

S1 E29 - Into Her Mind with Author of Out of My Mind, Sharon M. Draper.

S1 E30 - Applied Behavior Analysis with the Behavior Dude, Steven Forth, M.Ed., BCBA

S1 E32 - A Journey Into Being with Christine Ramos, RN

S1 E34 - Mama Systems with Laura Hernandez

S1 E35 - Can Online Speech Therapy Work with Lenora Edwards