July 1, 2022

A note from Jen - July

A note from Jen - July

Glad to be home

After a 33-hour traveling extravaganza (aka nightmare), we have returned from Europe and are getting back into the groove of life here in Lake Tahoe.  Note...Teal was a flipping rockstar the entire 3 weeks we were away...well, minus one, 20-minute tantrum when she had to leave the carousel in Paris.  That's a-whole-nother story...one I will tell at some point on the podcast.  Hilarious.

Anyhoots, we had an incredible time eating yummy food, playing in the ocean, exploring new towns, giggling with friends, and meeting outstanding people.  As I was looking back on our experiences, I realized one very important lesson:  

More people need to experience the magic of our children with special needs.   

With the pandemic upon us for the past 3 years, we haven't been traveling.  Like most of you, we hunkered down, stayed safe, and survived.  However, I had a huge ah-ha moment upon our return that Teal's light and magic and joy for life needs to be shared.  As much as I love keeping her all to myself, her essence needs to be shared with the world. The world needs it.

I was so very touched when 2 waiters at a restaurant in Paris cried when they had to leave Teal for the evening. In saying goodbye, tears flowed from their cheeks. Teal had touched their soul. We met a woman who didn't speak English but was transfixed by Teal's energy. She just wanted to be in her presence.  Yes, some of you may think this is creepy, and it could have been...but it wasn't. Teal attracts positive humans into her world, into our world. She attracts to her those that need her.  And, I know your baby does as well.

So, get out into the world more. Let that inner light of your child be seen, be experienced, be shared. Take a risk, jump in, and celebrate the magic that is your beautiful human.

As always, I believe in you!


Exciting News: I was recently asked to speak with Susan for her amazing podcast, When Autumn Comes.  The interview will come out this fall and I'll be sure to let you know.  However, in the meantime, check out her honest, heartfelt episodes wherever your listen to your podcasts.