For Our Special Kids

For Our Special Kids

You are not alone on this journey with your beautiful, magical, inspiring, and, yes, challenging child. We are with you...
For Our Special Kids is a podcast for parents, caregivers, family, and friends living a life that only few understand, walking a path that few journey down, and loving a child that few will see with pure joy.

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A New Perspective on the Chakras and Education: Part 1 with Maureen Burford

June 5, 2023

In part 1 of this 3-part series, Maureen Burford, Creative Director of Creative Lives, introduces us to a new perspective regarding our chakra system and how we can work with the 7 main chakras to balance ourselves and our c…

Meet Amazing with Sara England

May 29, 2023

Sara England is an amazing mom to 3 children one of whom has Down Syndrome. Today she shares with us some incredible tips on how to change your life...little by little, how familial patterning can change with you, and how se…

Guest: Sara England

The Journey AFTER a Non-Fatal Drowning with Annemarie Miller

May 22, 2023

In this week's episode, Annemarie shares her journey with us about her and her son's life after a non-fatal drowning at the young age of 17 months. Choices make all of the difference and Annemarie speaks openly how her choic…

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I have been listening to some of the older episodes because I realized I didn't take enough notes for myself and Teal. :-) In the Human De…