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Down to earth

The best way I can describe this podcast is down to earth. When I listen, I feel like I’m sitting right there with the guest. Jen makes it so easy to be engaged and listen, and I take something meaningful from all of her podcasts!

Warm and Insightful

Choose magic

Amazing Resource for Parents and Caregivers!

Jen's combination of down to Earth sensibilities and intuitive connection shines through beautifully in this podcast! She interviews her guests with a supportive ease that allows the conversation to flow while bringing through helpful information, resources and support for children but also parents and caregivers. Beautiful and inspiring, thank you!

Such a delightful podcast!

Jen has really found a sweet spot of intersectionality that pulls in listeners of all walks of life. Whether you are a parent, caregiver, lover of all things esoteric or someone who loves the crossroads of where the esoteric and scientific meet, you’ve got to give this one a listen.

Inspiring NEW Special Kids Podcast!!!

What a delight to hear from a Mom who is sharing her personal and parenting experiences that encompass the mind, body, heart, and soul. This podcast gives me a lot of hope. It encourages all of us to see our kids from a holistic and spiritual perspective, which has the power to inspire and heal. Bravo Jen and Teal!!

Such a special podcast

I love this podcast. Jen’s voice is so soothing as she opens up about her parenting experiences, and as she interviews the beautiful souls who help children and parents navigate the world today. Jen’s questions are poignant as she allows her guests to open up about their experiences working with children and their parents. Metaphysical parenting is such a powerful path to be on in today’s world and I’m so glad that I finally found a podcast that highlights that. Please give it a listen; it does not disappoint.


I love this podcast. I found it through a friend and can't wait for more episodes!