June 1, 2022

A note from Jen - June

A note from Jen - June

Do you ever feel like you're kind of drowning...but slowly?

It's been a weird few weeks. Mercury in retrograde, COVID, dangerous and weird flooding, European unrest, monkeypox, a bear market, and let's not forget things like laundry, folding clothes, putting clothes away, dishes, laundry, folding clothes, putting clothes away, dishes, laundry...repeat!  Can you tell what I don't like doing?  

On Monday of this week, I gave myself a big ole fat 'F' for my mothering skills. I completely lost my patience with Teal. I was on the brink of tears for most of the day...for whatever reason, I was tired of getting smacked in the face and it just wore me out.  To add fuel to the fire, my husband tested positive for COVID so I had no escape. (Single moms...you are my heroes!)

Anyhoots, as I write this today, I am reminded that I am not alone. You are with me! :-) Each of you, I imagine, has given yourself an 'F' at some point in your parenting/life journey. And you kept going. You woke up the next day and tried to do a little better. And if you got a 'D' the next day, well that was a bit better. That is ALL we can do each morning...try to do better. And while you're trying to do better, please remember to be gentle with yourself. 

10 things I did this week to calm my energy and lift my spirits

  1. Placed rose oil on my vagus nerve daily (behind my ears and down the sides of my neck).
  2. Ate leftovers! And, we ordered pizza one night. 
  3. Washed and 'Dyson'd' my hair...oh heaven.
  4. Used a yummy citrus oil face scrub.
  5. Spoke honestly to my husband and daughters about my struggles.
  6. Played with my crystals and picked a few that spoke to my soul (rose quartz, green aventurine, smokey quartz, sodalite).
  7. Listened to my favorite podcasts.
  8. Found humor in Teal's actions (ie: laughed more and tried not to take everything so seriously).
  9. Climbed like a crazy-mom up a huge jungle gym with Teal on her field trip to the discovery museum (sometimes you gotta do what it takes to get your daughter up with the other kids).
  10. Asked for help!

Maybe a few of these things can help you the next time you slide down on the grading scale of parenting!  

I believe in you.