Nov. 15, 2022

A note from Jen - October

A note from Jen - October

I have been listening to some of the older episodes because I realized I didn't take enough notes for myself and Teal. :-) 

In the Human Design episode, Kaydee mentioned that when Teal and I aren't happy with something, we get frustrated. We don't really get angry...we get frustrated. And, I also learned that when we are happy, we feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

Knowing this about myself and Teal has really helped me process through emotions lately. Or rather, I should be honest and say, it has helped me to look back on situations and see where and why I was feeling frustrated.  I am SO not at the point of catching myself yet, but at least I can learn in retrospect, right?

For example today, I got into a lovely tiff with the husband before taking Teal to school.  We both raised our voices in front of Teal. (So much guilt during and after.) Anyhoots, I'm looking back and wondering what exactly was I so frustrated about...and why did I trigger so easily? I really wasn't angry...I was frustrated.

It came down to the fact that I tried to get too much done in the morning. I got up later than normal AND I didn't do my normal prep work the night before.  It was a perfect storm.  It wasn't about Alex at was about me.  I was most frustrated with myself.  

My Lessons...

  1. Never underestimate how much the prep work helps.
  2. Get up when the alarm goes off (ie: go to bed earlier)
  3. Be kind, breathe, and realize that no one likes to be stressed out.
  4. UNDERACHIEVE!!!  There really is no need to overdue it! Teal doesn't need warm crepes and homemade oat milk every morning.  Perhaps a piece of toast or yogurt is enough?


As always, I believe in you...because today you definitely did a better job than yesterday.