Oct. 16, 2018

Do you Believe in Magic?

Do you Believe in Magic?

A long long time ago…in a land far far away… (kidding)

Over 9 years ago I hosted a women’s retreat called “What would you attempt?” in Lake Tahoe.  It was all about me testing the waters to see if I could help facilitate change in other women (and in myself).  I LOVED it.  I created the curriculum, led many of the discussions, invited in experts, etc.  Truly, it was such an inspiring time for me.   And the others, I’ve heard from a few of the women that certain exercises still resonate with them today.  Mental Note: I need to run another retreat!!

I am going to introduce one of those exercises and then get into the WooWoo.

The exercise used energy cards.  I absolutely love those energy cards you see in WooWoo stores.  Some of them are angel cards, some are positive affirmation cards, others have Buddhist messages, there are spirit animal decks, etc. All of them in my opinion are amazing it just depends on your mood.

And this is a reminder to myself to go dust off my cards…ugh. Isn’t it funny how you get so darn caught up in life that you literally forget what used to bring you joy?  Why do we let that happen? Especially as a mom, but also when I found myself making more money in my career…I just let go of those things that made me happy and literally defined who I was.

Take a moment…what did you used to love that is now missing? Is it that 1st slow sip of cherished coffee in the morning that you used to give you such joy?  And now you just chug it to get out the door on time? (FYI…that probably is 10 seconds out of your life and it might bring back a bit of joy)  Or what happened to that 10 minutes when you used to slather on a face mask and flip through a gossip magazine? Go figure out that one thing that is missing from the “before this life took over” and you left yourself behind.  And then add it back in.

Holy crow…back on track. So, the cards? I’m going to post some links below if you wanna grab a deck for yourself. Anyhoots, we did this exercise in the retreat:

In groups of 4, we chose a deck (or two) that felt right for the group. Example…if you didn’t love angel cards and your group picked those…then you could grab a deck that felt good. Easy.

One person at a time…

  • Hold the deck in your hands and put your energy on the cards…you can shuffle ’em, put ’em on your heart…whatever feels right.
  • While you are holding the cards, ask a question you’d like an answer to in your mind.  Really focus on the question…send it into the cards.  Do not tell the group your question.
  • Pull a card and place it in front of the other 3 women.
  • Ask the women their interpretation of your card. Do not provide feedback.  Do not give them hints to your question. Just let their inner wisdom speak.
  • Flip the card over and go through the same process.  Keep your mouth shut and listen. Feel the messages.
  • Then, if you want, you can tell the women your question…but you do not have to do this…it is your question, do with it what you want.
  • Do this for each woman in the group.
  • Take 5-10 minutes to journal about the experience.

So, that was the exercise.  Now, let’s get WooWoo!!!

I not only facilitated these exercises, I participated.  So, I sat down with my question.  And, in my gut I kidda knew my question wasn’t exactly “right.”  See, I had a “When” question and those can be tricky…but I went with it because it was my true inner question.

I grabbed the deck, sent energy into the cards, and I asked my question in my heart.  I pulled the card and laid it down.  Hmmmm…it was an old man with some stars above him.  I remember he was wearing red.  The women gave me their interpretations.  And, the last woman (Stacy I’m not sure you remember this…) but you said, “It reminds me of Santa and Christmas.”  Now remember, she did not know my “when” question.  Ha ha ha!!   Christmas is was.  Yeah…that was only a month or 2 away…I was getting my answer in a couple of months.  Whoa.

You wanna know my question…”When will I get pregnant?”

So, 1 month goes by…pee on stick.  Not pregnant.

Another month…pee on new stick.  Not preggers.

Damn cards.

I knew I shouldn’t have asked a damn “when” question.  Total heart break.  I gave up on that set of cards…cards in general really.  Well, not playing cards.  I do love a good card game.

Anyhoots, get ready for some WooWoo.  Fast forward 8 years.  I found out I was pregnant on December 26th.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha.  Totally not joking.  The Universe is so full of magic.  And the kind of magic that rocks your world.

Do you believe in magic?

This Mama believes in magic…