Oct. 25, 2018

Feel Your Feet…

Feel Your Feet…

“Remember to feel your feet.”

“Bring your lips together.”

“Put your head down.”

“Take a deep breath…relax.”

“Stand up strong.”

Let me tell you what happened…our daughter isn’t walking yet (key word “yet”), and wears Magic Dancing Boots for ~4 hours a day.  They are really cute…white with butterflies, purple straps, and her shoes are grey glitter with pink and orange.  She is a rockstar in them.  Anyhoots, we like to go on back-breaking walks with her to play at the park.  I say back-breaking because I can barely stand up when she’s finally in the swing.  She needs a little assistance.  Well, today, we were up in the play structure (I am the only mother who climbs up into those things so my daughter gets the full experience) and I touch her feet.  Push them into the steel and say, “Feel your feet.  Really feel them.”  I press on them and put energy into them.

Now, if you know my journey over the past year, you are probably laughing out loud.  I have honestly been trying to “ground” for well…my entire life.  No joke.  In the past year alone, I have used oils, meditations, crystals, rocks, breath work, clothing, jewelry, colors, you name it…to help myself be more present on this earth.  To feel more.  And today, I actually hear myself tell her to “feel her feet.”  Well, I’d say my lesson for the day is done.  It is the very lesson I need to heed myself.

Think…what do you say to your children (or co-workers, employees, friends, family, sig figs, etc.) on a daily basis?  Are they words that should be recorded and played back to you?   It can be quite disturbing, can’t it?

Here’s my interpretation of my messages to her…for ME!

“Bring your lips together.” – Talk less!!!  Listen more.

“Put your head down.” – Take a nap.  Relax.  Enjoy.

“Take a deep breath…relax.” – BREATHE!!!  Expand your lungs.  Get rid of the toxins. 

“Stand up strong.” – Hold your head high. Connect above and below.

All good things, right.  But, we also don’t always say nice things to our kids or others.  “Please be gentle.” “Be quiet.”  “Be nice.” “Are you listening to me?” “Take your shoes upstairs.” “Do your homework.”  You get the point.

However, let’s look at it a different way.  In meditation yesterday, I began hearing all of the amazing things I say to her as well.  And, this extra ah-ha moment came flying my way.  If we got all of the positives we tell toddlers or infants…OH MY GOSH.  Think about how outstanding our life would feel.

“You are incredible.”

“You are so darn smart.”

“You make me so proud.”

“You can do anything.”

“You are a rockstar.”

“You are as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.”

“We are so happy you’re here.”

“You make my life so much better.”

“You are magic.”

I need to hear this on a daily basis too.  And, my husband, family, friends, (you get the point) do too.  We all need to hear about the positive impact we have on one another and this world.

So, take a moment and tell yourself (out loud) 5 things that you love about yourself.  Or, get all daring and ask someone else to tell you 5 things.  Whoa!!  Remember to return the favor.  And then watch the magic of the WooWoo!!!

Your Ever-Inspired Mama!!