Feb. 9, 2023

The Law of Attraction and Parenting

The Law of Attraction and Parenting

How can the law of attraction help you be a better parent?

What you think about is created. Buddha, Socrates, Emerson, Thoreau…they all wrote about it. This is not a new concept. Vibrationally, what we put out into the world, comes back to us. Period. It is simple. If you think about blue butterflies, you’ll see more blue butterflies. If you think about red cars, you’ll see more red cars. It is a universal law just like gravity. It exists and it impacts our every day, our every moment.

HealthyBrain.org estimates that the average human has over 70,000 thoughts per day. 70,000 thoughts!! How many of those thoughts are positive? How many of them are negative? How many thoughts do you spend worrying about your child? How many thoughts do you spend worrying about the next PT appointment or IEP meeting? How many of your 70,000 thoughts do you spend on happy things? Thinking about how amazing school pick-up will be and the huge smile on your child’s face? Anticipating the snuggle time before bed? Or do you worry about pick up? Do you get stressed just thinking about bedtime?

It is time to begin the process of holding yourself accountable for the thoughts you think. It is time to begin catching yourself when you’re in the repetitive cycle of worry so that you can gently nudge yourself to a better feeling thought. You don’t have to go from mud and yuck to roses and sunshine. But you can find a better feeling thought. 

Here’s an example:

  • Your Thoughts: “I am so worried about our IEP meeting tomorrow. I know we’re going to have tough conversations. I know I’m going to have to hold my own and stand up for my child. They just don’t understand how hard she works. They always see the worst in her. I feel like they never celebrate her tiny wins. We always talk about how far behind she is. “
  • A Nudge into a Better Feeling Thought: “Our IEP meeting is tomorrow and I’m a little anxious about it. Anxiety means I care…and I really do care. I know the IEP is focused on how she can improve…and that’s a good thing. I want her to keep improving. But I also want to celebrate her wins. I like how the teachers continue to push her. She’s trying really hard and I really hope her teachers see that too. It’ll be hard to hear her deficits. That’s human. But, in the end, I love my daughter and I’m so proud of her. We all know how hard she is working.

Just reading the two, how did you feel? How did your body respond? Did your stomach hurt when you read the 1st paragraph? And, how did you feel when reading the 2nd paragraph. Did you feel a little lighter? Could you feel a shift in the focus and the overall energy?

If you break this down, you realize that you have more influence on how you feel, what you focus on, and eventually what you manifest than perhaps you originally thought.

Begin playing with this.  Don’t expect miracles. Expect to simply feel a little better. Expect to be shocked and amazed at how many of those 70,000 thoughts aren’t so positive. And when you do find yourself there in the dark hole of negativity or worry, don’t beat yourself up. Be gentle. Be kind. And give yourself a little nudge to think a little bit better though.

You got this!