April 10, 2022

Birth Charts with Jenifer Edwards

Birth Charts with Jenifer Edwards

Jenifer Edwards jumps right up into the stars, the moons, the planets, the transits, and so much more.  Her in depth knowledge of astrology may seem complicated at 1st, but she does a brilliant job showing us how, as parents or caregivers, we can use this ancient science to help better live our lives with our children.  
 Jenifer takes us on a journey in which the questions many of us are asking are already answered.  I hope this episode opens your eyes to the amazing possibilities this universe has for us all.  By better understanding our child's birth chart, we can meet them where they are today.  As a result, we can be better parents...we can be a better family.
 How can your communication change to better engage with your child…the chart knows. 

How do the stars know what you’re creating in your space…the chart knows.

How should you structure your home schooling...

When is the best time to schedule surgery...


Resources for your continued learning:

To connect with Jenifer and make an appointment at www.thankgoddess.org 

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Check out your own birth chart at www.astro.com

Listen to Jen’s live podcast at Star Medicine Podcast

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Jenifer Edwards

Jennifer Edwards is a Maine based Intuitive Astrologer, Cartomancer, and Reiki III Practitioner. Her divine mission is to assist others in discovering their Souls Purpose through their unique astrological fingerprint — their birth chart.