Sept. 15, 2022

A note from Jen - Aug/Sep

A note from Jen - Aug/Sep

Hello 4OSK!

I hope you are doing well. 
I just got back from a 2-night vacation with, get this, JUST MY HUSBAND. This has not happened since Teal was born (6+ years) and I am proud to report that we talked about dreams, hopes, plans, love, goals, blastocysts, and so much more.  One of the things we didn't spend too much time on was Teal. How much time do you spend away from your magical child, talking about your magical child?  I think it is healthy to look into this concept.

Try, on your next date night, hike in the woods, or perhaps wine tasting, to NOT talk about your child and see what comes bubbling up. This may be easier with a glass of bubbly and that's 100% fine. It's also 100% fine to be connected to your child. Your connection is why you are such a phenomenal advocate, caregiver, medical mama, friend. We are all SO connected to our babies. And I know it is hard to let go even for an hour or two. However, sometimes we forget that we are more than just on this journey as mother, father, caretaker, sibling, family member (insert whatever you want here).  You are more!  So much more.

As always, I believe in you!