Aug. 28, 2018

It’s a WooWoo Life

It’s a WooWoo Life

Where to even begin?

Truly, this is a question I’ve been asking for 2 years now…WHERE TO BEGIN?

A Flight to San Diego

I’d love to say it started on July 12, 2016 but that isn’t really the truth.  It started when we decided to have a baby.  And, much to my surprise (strike that…I actually kind of knew I’d have trouble getting preggers), we had to go down the IVF road.  Long story…but in the end, with one try, we had our little jumping bean growing inside of me. 


Blessed, yes. Blessed is a much better word for how we got pregnant so quickly and with what I was actually carrying.  I had no idea that my entire life, goals, mission, beliefs, relationships, knowledge, spirituality, love, patterns, habits…EVERYTHING would change with the birth of this gorgeous, teal-blue-eyed wonder.  Oh once again, let’s strike that…my life began to change, and my beliefs began to change, the day I took a flight to San Diego.

I was delayed out of SFO and normally I stay in the AmericanExpress lounge as long as humanly possible…to have a drink, truthfully!  But, alas, I was preggers so being in the lounge was just another reminder that I couldn’t relax with a glass of wine.  And, I was sick as a freaking dog…so being around the food and the smells wasn’t so fun either.  Anyhoots, I decided to leave the lounge early.  Little did I know that this small action would change my life…and our life forever.

I sat down at the gate across from a lovely looking woman and began a conversation (not hard for me even while nauseous).  Find out she’s a medical intuitive.  I said, “Well, I think I know what that is…but how do you describe yourself.”  Anyhoots, she says she is able to put her hands on someone and give them guidance on their medical condition.  She wouldn’t exactly say, “You have cancer.”…she’d say, “I think you should go have your colon checked out.”  So, she’d get what I call “hits” on things that the body was telling her.  

Anyhoots…I ask her if she ever “does babies”.  She says, “Yes.”  (pause) I ask if she ever does “in utero babies”.  She shrugs and says, “Yes, I’ve done that a few times.”  I didn’t ask.  Oh, I was SO curious…but I did not ask.  About 5 minutes later she stands up, walks over to me, and says, “Ok.”

Weird but I knew exactly what she was referring to so I push my very small, 4 month bump, up a bit and she places a hand on my tummy.

Within seconds she jerks her hand away and hollers, “It’s a girl!!!”  I must have had a very weird look on my face because she then says, “You didn’t know…(pause with a furrowed brow)…but you did know.”  And, I slowly nod…yes, I did know…but I didn’t know.  No doctor confirmation but, yes…I intuitively knew.  Cue up the WooWoo. It was the first time I had complete confirmation on some of my own “hits.”

We had a nice chat, exchanged phone numbers, and boarded our flight to San Diego.  Quickly before take off, I send her a text thanking her for her knowledge and for giving me a confirmation I had been looking for.  It was a lovely gift. 

The next morning, I receive this message,” Your child is a healer.”  What?  She says that she had been suffering from extreme jetlag when she touched my tummy and realized on the plane that ALL of her symptoms were gone, vanished.  In fact, she felt fantastic.  And, she wanted me to know that the healing came from this fiery spirit inside of me.

I write back quickly that this is all very interesting but that I felt sicker than I had ever felt on that plane ride.  Thought I was going to toss my cookies all over the seats and passengers.  Literally…”please God get me off this plane…please God.”

I come to find out that this lovely “sickness” was because my daughter sent me a big ole whopping rush of energy that rocked my world…but healed the medical intuitive.  Lucky for her…crap for me.  In effect, I was her conduit.

What a beautiful thing to be though…her conduit.  I was a channel for my daughter’s power while she was inside my womb.  Looking back, I wish I had known more about how to help her while she was inside…perhaps she would have stayed longer.

Anyhoots, that is the beginning of WooWooLife.  And let me tell you, it absolutely continues to get more WooWoo…and more WooWoo…and more WooWoo.  I am SO blessed.  


The Mama