Nov. 20, 2019

Talking Fans

Talking Fans

Not even sure where to begin.  I feel like there is so much to share and so many places to begin that I simply can’t begin.  So, I will start from where I am being called to start.  The fan!

NOTE: After typing this all, I reread it.  You all are going to think I have completely lost it.  And you may stop reading these blogs all together but I have to be true to the WooWoo!

My daughter has a bathroom in her room…that bathroom has a fan.  This fan talks to us.  Yeap…I said it.  It talks to us.  Told you I was WooWoo!

To start…this fan is brand new (we remodeled in 2017) and, due to code, we had to put in one of those automatic fans that turns on when there is an increase in humidity in the room.  This sounds like a great idea…right?  Except, the catch is that this schwanky new fan NEVER, and I do mean NEVER, turns on when were are showering.  Nope.  It does not respond to humidity.  There might be clouds of steam billowing out of our shower and that fan will not kick on.  However, it will turn on “randomly.”  And I say “randomly” because I thought it was all random.  Just a faulty switch or breaker or something.  NOPE!

You see, this fan kicks on when there are spirits in the room.  I said it.  It kicks on when there is a presence in the room (not human).  How do I know this…well, you can feel it.  And my daughter responds.  She will stay focused on the area right in front of the bathroom door for longer than a typical 3 year can focus.  She’ll giggle and laugh with whatever is there until I kick everyone out of the room…(more on that in another post).

And yes, I’ve been tracking the fan’s activities.  Crack me up.  It never kicks on at the same time of day.  Sometimes the lights are on…somethings they are off.  Sometimes it’ll stay on for 40 minutes and other times it’ll be on for 5. Sometimes it turns on when my daughter finally nods off to sleep and other times it stays on for her entire nap.  It is “random.”

I’ve also realized that it kicks on when I’m supposed to get a message.  I was pondering a pretty significant shift in my life…as in total life changing decision.  Every time I walked by her room, that dang fan was on.  I’d go in…turn it off.  Leave.  Walk by 20 minutes later…ON.  Turn it off.  Another half and hour…ON.  Finally, I walked into the bathroom, said, “Ok…I get it.  I will take the class…ok.  I hear you.”  That fan didn’t turn back on.  And, yes, I did do a drive-by within 30 minutes to check the fan.  OFF.  Ha!!!!

So, you can’t make this crap up.  But you can think you’re going a bit crazy.  That is until you realize that there are so many things in our world that we don’t understand or can’t explain.  And, you realize how cool it is that you can put some very random things together and get meaning.

For example, I am currently sitting at a coffee shop, Wild Cherries, in Truckee.  My computer freezes up.  This gentleman next to me comments that I immediately looked at my phone…2 devices…always on…always going.  He was spot on…I had a pause on one device so I took to the other one.  Then it quietly hit me that perhaps my computer was trying to tell me something.  SLOW DOWN.  Take a breath.  Relax.  Take another deep breath.  Drink your tea.  My computer was frozen for what seemed like 10 minutes.  But, get this, when I lifted my mug, gave in, took those deep breaths and watched the after-school chaos around me, and appreciated the kids’ energy and passion for life, well, that’s when my computer came back to life.

What about when the light flickers in your living room?  Next time you see a light flicker, pause.  Take stock of what you’re thinking…is there a message?  Were you just thinking about your father-in-law who recently passed?  Did he do a fly-by to say hello? Were you contemplating calling a dear friend?  Flicker…call her.  Were you just breathing in the colors of the sunset?  Instead of ignoring that flicker…take note.  See if there is a message for you.  Listen for the message.

You may be exquisitely surprised…there are many messages and gifts we are given by the Unknown, by God, by the Universe, by Nature…or whomever you believe in, if you slow down and look and listen and feel.

Believe in the WooWoo!