Sept. 26, 2018



I may really rock your world now.  Stay with me.  Stay open.  And, remember…this is your WooWoo dose for the day.

Many years ago, my mom told me about this woman, Esther Hicks, she was paying to go see talk in Chicago.  Now, this woman, when on stage calls herself Abraham.  Abraham, in fact (my mother told me), is a group of spirit entities or infinite intelligence (whatever that is), who come through Esther.  She is the medium through which this group (Abraham) tells their teachings.  After she/he/they, do her/his/their opening statements, “they” (she/he), takes questions from the audience for the duration of the 7+ hours.

Somewhat flabbergasted at my mother’s lack of reasoning, I said, “So, you’re going to pay how much money to watch a woman “channel” some group of people that call themselves Abraham?”  Pause…”Are you out of your mind?  Mom, this has to be fake.”

I did think she was crazy.  Honestly thought she had lost it.  But off they went to Chicago to listen to this crazy lady.  The whole time, my mom kept saying, “You know, I really don’t care how these teachings are getting here…the teachings are amazing.  They speak the truth…they make sense.  And, when I listen to their messages, I feel better about my life and how I can impact change within it.”

I will admit…curiosity took over.  After hearing about my mom’s experiences, I actually paid to go see the “crazy lady.”  The first time I went I was hoping Esther would make a mistake.  I was hoping that instead of saying “We (being Abraham) think…” she would slip and say, “I think…”  I just wanted her to not be the medium or channeler because it just seemed too WooWoo.  I chuckle now at how un-WooWoo I actually was…and, note, Esther did not slip up.  Shocker.

Anyhoots, slowly but surely I started listening to the CDs.  I picked up one of their books “Ask and It Is Given” and started applying some of their teachings.  My mom was right about the concepts (often she is).  Regardless of how they are coming out of this woman’s mouth, the messages were spot on.  They made sense.  And I saw my life start changing before my eyes.  I started manifesting more and more frequently.  I began catching myself with negative self-talk that didn’t feel right.  I followed my emotions more than my brain when making decisions and that made for better decisions.  I talked differently about a subject and I could feel how I changed.  I focused more on the solution and less on the problem.

For example, “I will find my sunglasses.  My sunglasses are here in this house.  I know I will find them soon.  Heck, in the future, I’m wearing my glasses.”

Guess what…it feels better to think and talk in the positive.  Hanging out in the negative doesn’t feel good to me anymore.

You may have realized that all of this is based in the Law of Attraction.  The Yes’s of our world attract the Yes’s.  The No’s attract more No’s.  Simple.  The more you focus on the negative, the more you attract it.  So why not focus on the positives?  Simple.

To simplify it even more, this is not a new or even WooWoo concept for that matter.  I started looking back in history and found these quotes:

“We become what we think about, all day long.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

“We are shaped by our thoughts, we become what we think.”  Buddha

“We will not build a peaceful world by following a negative path.” Martin Luther King Jr.

I mentioned earlier that Abraham takes questions from the audience.  Over 12 years ago, this was my biggest “ah-ha” that it was all a hoax.  Those questions had to be planted.  There was no way Esther randomly picked people out of a room of 400+ people and spontaneously, without pause, gave them this brilliant information.  And, often this brilliant information was extremely personal and spot on to the question-asker.  This couldn’t be real…all of those questions were planted.

Wrong again…I went to a session in 2014 and, you guessed it, I was called up front to ask a question.  I was in the HOT-SEAT!

So there I am sitting in the HOT SEAT of an Abraham-Hicks Lecture.  And, this may shock you, but I tend to use humor to calm myself down and to lighten up the mood. The 1st thing out of my mouth is, “I’m so excited I think I could vomit.”  (this was edited out of the recording below but does bring some clarity to why Abraham said, “This may make you vomit.”)

I truly was so excited and more than empowered…because the thing was…I knew that morning when I was putting on my make-up that I was going to talk with Abraham.  There was no doubt in my mind that I would be sitting in the HOT SEAT.   None.  No doubt.  I actually put on a bit extra make-up because I knew my head was going to be projected on the big screen and I didn’t want to look pale.  Ha ha ha.  I am not kidding.  I made that happen…I was there in my mind that morning in my bathroom in the HOT SEAT.  I could feel it before it happened.

Side NOTE: This is how manifestation works.  The easiest way to manifest anything is to already be there.  See it, feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it…all of it.   Know exactly what you plan to experience and then watch it develop.  Try it…seriously, sit there for a moment and try it.  Now don’t go experimenting on something huge like a freaking new car but try it with a friend calling you with yummy news.

Hear the phone do its little jingle.  See her number come up on your phone…maybe her cute photo pops up too.  Take a deep breathe and know you are going to get some great news.  Answer.  “I have been expecting your call, _______!”  Smile.  Ha ha…she does have good news.  So good.  Feel your excitement for her.  Giggle a little inside and hear her energy across the line.

Do this a few times throughout the day and see what happens.  Or you can replace your friend with your boss or whomever…just know that you have the power to manifest really incredible things in your life.  Start small and then build on it.  Abraham talks about starting really small…like think about butterflies.  Why you love them.  What the wings would feel like on your cheek.  How gentle and majestic they are in a soft breeze.  See them in all sorts of colors…and then watch.  You’ll see a whole lot more butterflies…promise.

Ok…back to the HOT SEAT.   I struggled a bit with how to phrase my question (as you’ll hear in the recording) but in the end my question was about having a baby.  See, I had manifested a pretty incredible life…and I loved that life.  I loved my travels, my income, my freedom, my relationships, my house, my career, my…pretty much everything.  And, I was worried that bringing a child into this world would ruin it.  I had heard so many people talk about how my life would change, as in big time, and I’d have to give up everything.  And Lord knows I’d have to stop traveling.  God forbid I would travel internationally with my kid.

I just kept manifesting these people who would tell me it wasn’t a good idea.  (Perhaps I was looking for a reason not to have a baby!)  So, I asked Abraham their thoughts.  I LOVED THEIR RESPONSE.  In a nutshell, they told me to stop asking others for their opinion (really really really good point to live by) and, here’s the best part…they told me that if I wanted to maintain control of my life, then I SHOULD NOT HAVE A BABY.    Goodness gracious, were they right.  My life has not been in control, from my perspective, since they placed this little being into my womb.

But, isn’t it such a great reminder…why do we think we need to control everything in order to find or maintain joy?  Perhaps flying by the seat of your pants is the most fun you’ll have all week.  Just go with whatever comes your way and don’t analyze it all.  Exercise your right brain more.  Let your imagination flow, your creativity blossom, your intuition soar.

Let your heart manifest the juiciest, most delicious, wicked, WooWoo, fancy pants, part of your day.  

I am beyond thankful that Abraham told me to get over myself.  Change, as they put it, is the constant that allows growth and adventure and excitement.  But, we resist change…and yet we all want growth, adventure, and excitement in our lives.  So, one must give…and I am so happy I was the one to give.

What do you need to “give?”

Now, here’s a bit more WooWoo for you.  Abraham never truly gives advice.  In the 12+ years that I have been listening and studying Abraham and their teachings…I have never to my knowledge, heard them give someone direct advice.  Seems like they do a very good job directing people but never giving the “do this” type of direction.  Well…I was walking away from the HOT SEAT, and Abraham yells from behind me…”HAVE A BABY!!!”  What?  Did I just hear the Universal Wisdom tell me to have a baby?  I think they knew that this “baby” would change the world.  And change it she has…

Thanks for going a bit WooWoo with me…

The Ever-Changed Mama!!!

To check out the recording of me in the HOT SEAT, click here.