Dec. 5, 2022

Can Online Speech Therapy Work with Lenora Edwards

Can Online Speech Therapy Work with Lenora Edwards

Finding solutions to our every day problems has been a mission lately with For Our Special Kids. So, looking into online therapy to save travel time and also stress on Teal is looking like a really good option.

In this episode we look at why speech in general is so important to development and connection. What questions to ask and when...being scare of the answer doesn't change the answer. And, how making a connection online can be a viable solution for many parents and their kids.

Lenora and Jen discuss online speech therapy in this episode.

  • Have you ever wondered how much time you spend driving to therapy? 
  • Do you want to be more involved in your child's therapies?
  • Can therapies be conducted online successfully?
  • Why is speech therapy so important for neurologic development?

We get into all of this and more during our episode today.
We do want to apologize for the audio quality...and promise we are working on it for the new year episodes. Thanks for your patience.

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

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