April 17, 2023

Creating Positive Attachments with The Attachment Nerd

Creating Positive Attachments with The Attachment Nerd

This week's episode is with Eli Harwood, The Attachment Nerd! We talk about everything from trauma, connection, security, fire alarms, and this heroic journey we are on as parents/caregivers of children with special needs.
It's a fun conversation and we hope you enjoy!

In today's episode, Eli Harwood, a licensed therapist introduces us to EMDR and TBRI. Two methods to help children work through their trauma with the overall intention of providing a safe place for children to eventually land.  Our conversation defines trauma, looks at why and how our nervous system influences our child's experiences. We dive into tips for creating better connection with your child, signs to look for to determine if your child has had a traumatic experience, labels and so much more.

We certainly dig deep into some of the mess of this parenting journey.  I hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think. 

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