Aug. 8, 2022

Examining Our Ego with Noelle Deane

Examining Our Ego with Noelle Deane

Noelle Deane talks in a positive way about the ego and how we can get more support in our life through connecting more fully with our ego. 

She changes my perspective from the very beginning as she openly discusses the difference between how we were previously introduced to the ego and how she uses her ego positively today.  She established a relationship with her ego and says that we too can establish a relationship with our ego to help us better parent.

·        How can you talk with your ego to strengthen your relationship?

·        How can you connect with your ego and when do you ask for help?

·        How can you use your ego to better connect with your child?

·        How can you work with your ego to better understand your actions and how they are affecting your child?

Noelle teaches us some easy ways to connect with our ego to lesson our burdens and feel more supported on this journey.