April 3, 2023

Hearing Voices, Clearing a Room, and Energy with my friend, Kristen O'meara

Hearing Voices, Clearing a Room, and Energy with my friend, Kristen O'meara

Jen's is on holiday this week in the Alps so we wanted to share with you a quick look into one of her best friendships with Kristen O'meara.  Yes, they talk about this stuff on any given day.  It's just what they do!  This little snippet of their chat was just perfect.  They both share their thoughts on people's energy, setting up boundaries, clearing a room, hearing voices, IEPs and lots more.
We hope you enjoy!
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Kristen O'Meara

Kristen is a single mother of Austin, who is her heart and joy. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology, working in nonprofit mental health and education for many years. She is also a practicing intuitive with extensive training in the art of psychic reading, mediumship, and spiritual healing.

Austin is a teen boy who can tell a joke with the timing of a highly trained comic, and he is always searching for the next pun. Like a hawk, he notices everything, and is equally curious about what sees. He is a master with his imagination, creating worlds within worlds in his mind. He is also an artist, steward of small creatures, and he is on the autism spectrum.

Kristen received Austin's diagnosis of autism in 2009. After a period of prolonged grief, she experienced a spontaneous awakening that allowed her just enough awareness to begin to heal. A decade later, her healing journey has evolved to support parents of special needs children. Through spiritual counseling and intuitive readings, she works with parents to help them discover new perspectives that have the power to transform fear and doubt into great gains in personal growth and spiritual awareness, with a focus on developing self-compassion and unconditional love.

Her forthcoming book, The Healing Way: A Path of Self-Transformation and Love, captures her healing journey and the lessons she learned. She was inspired to write a book to support parents who feel stuck and want to heal themselves as she once did. In her book, Kristen points to the power of the catalysts in special needs parenting and how catalysts create the "call" to begin a journey of self-transformation and healing. Catalysts are day-to-day challenges that create stress and anxiety, activating anything that needs attention and healing within.

These catalysts or "calls" are powerful. If we pay attention to them, not avoiding the uncomfortable feelings they evoke, we can discover lessons that lead to deeper insight and greater understanding about who we are and the life we are living. There are lessons to learn from our suffering that are full of revelation and truths that guide us to transform how we think and feel about ourselves, and how we live our lives. Self-discovery is essential to healing, and Kristen's book is calling parents to begin their own journey to heal.

In 2013, Kristen learned how to channel Austin’s higher self. This experience, which started as an experiment, deepened her spiritual understanding of her relationship with Austin and their life together, and it greatly influenced her writing. Kristen opens and closes each chapter with an inspiriting message from Austin’s higher self.

Kristen and Austin live in northern California with grandma, Princey-Pooh the cat, and Ruby Rose the tortoise. They spend a lot of time talking about Pokémon and Transformers, watching movies, and going to comic book and crystal stores.