April 24, 2023

IEPs & Summer with Medium Denise Correll

IEPs & Summer with Medium Denise Correll

Denise Correll joins the podcast today to talk about IEP and summer preparation.  With her many years within the special education community, Denise has a wealth of knowledge and experiences to share with us. She gives us both concrete content and some woo-woo spiritual content as well. But most importantly we talk about goals, rights, preparedness, and kindness!

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.


Connect with Denise at Denise@thegratefulmessenger.com .

Be sure to listen to her podcast Enlightened Empaths. And check out her online course Mediumship 101 and Advanced Mediumship

All of her offerings, which include psychic and mediumship readings, past life regressions, mentoring, and online courses are at www.TheGratefulMessenger.com  


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