April 7, 2022

In This Season

In This Season

Jen gets real with her doubts in starting her podcast.  Once she pushed the record button...well, it's all history.  
She takes a few moments to introduce you to her daughter, Teal. And before you leave, you'll hear clips from 4 episodes that combine the beauty of the Woo-woo and the Science in For Our Special Kids.


In This Season Transcript

What the heck am I thinking? This is crazy. I don't have time to make a weekly podcast episode.  What do I even have to say? Who would even listen? Who would even care?  Okay, let's just go back to this, this is crazy.

Yes sad but true, these are the thoughts I've had running through my head since I started thinking about For Our Special Kids. But then I started talking with people and families and moms and dads and caregivers, and so I just went for it. I hit record and I started interviewing experts I have respect for. People I have learned from, people that have changed my life and my daughter, Teal’s, life.

So Teal is really the inspiration for this podcast and I hope you get to know her and her magic during our time together. She's 5 as of April 2022 during this recording. She isn't freely walking yet, She takes steps when she wants to but still seems to prefer the ever hard-to-watch knee walking on our hardwood floors. Her poor knees. She isn't fully talking yet.  She's extremely communicative and makes many words and phrases we just don't always understand. She's a master at communicating what she wants and how she wants it and who she wants it from. She just isn't always using the words that we understand to do it. 

I should also tell you that Teal is an empath; she's a healer and telepathic. This is not her first go-around. She is an extremely old soul. Teal sees the world in a very different way and she's way smarter than me. Teal has opened my eyes to the magic and the wonder of this world we live in. And I truly hope one day she can come on here with me to share her story. I know it's one worth waiting for…that’s for sure. 

So what are we going to cover this season on For Our Special Kids. Let me play some clips:

1.  Denise Correll speaks about connecting with the love and the magic of your child.

“...especially if it's a quiet moment, where you're not…if you're just together. You're sitting and reading a book with your little person. You're not asking for any input back from them and then all of a sudden you feel like you hear in your head or you feel this amazing sense of love…and that is it. Just focus on that because that's the key to be able to make that connection and you will the more you do this. It is just so damn cool because you are getting in touch with the higher self or that inside in there.  They're definitely in there. I have no doubt about that.”

“Yeah me either, they're magic.  We just have to figure out how to tap into their magic.”

“And empower them to be all that they came here to be.”

     2.  Sylvia Shordike and I highlight how her lessons can open up a whole new world for a child with special needs:

“For me, it's important that I am present and bit by bit help the child to the next step.” 

“Right and just the whole concept of that child being able to see things to their left. I mean just how amazingly profound for that child.  They thought ‘oh the world is only on my right, my world is only on my right, oh my-lanta, there is a whole other world on my left side.’  I mean that's what you do. You're giving that kid, or this little baby, an opportunity to see more of the world and as a result, be more present in themselves.” 

We jump next to birth charts and how a parent can adjust how they educate their child with Jenifer Edwards

 “She has a stellium in TAURUS in her ninth house, so what does that mean? She has a lot of planets in an earth sign. So that means that she's stubborn. She has to learn things her own way. She doesn't really take suggestions. If we're playing a dinosaur video game, she has to lose 19 times until she figures it out. Even if you give her assistance it has to be on her terms.  But she also has these planets in the ninth house. This is spirituality. It's travel - foreign travel. It's the house of the teacher so this child learns best by discovering things. She's getting ready to be homeschooled and I've kind of written out her curriculum for her parents, because of her chart placement, on how she can best retain information and be excited about education.  Because these are the tools that you can receive from astrology.

  4. Finally, listen to Kim Painter speak about cranial sacral therapy and the science behind this therapy.

I had read Dr. Upledger‘s book, The Inner Physician and You and I was thinking from my very Western training ‘oh this is a little far out there.’ I injured myself right before I went to my cranial one class and I felt it on myself so that I could not deny something changed during that time. But one of the things that really attracted me in that class was how based it was in anatomy and physiology. And that is not pseudoscience. You can dissect out the intracranial membrane system and put a slight pull on it and feel the sacrum move. Fascinating. Miraculous. Amazing and actual structural fixes. There is nothing pseudo about that. 

So there is your sneak peek at what lies ahead at For Our Special Kids. 

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