June 20, 2022

Introducing Feng Shui and How It Can Effect Your Life and Home with Kerstin Tracy

Introducing Feng Shui and How It Can Effect Your Life and Home with Kerstin Tracy

Well, get excited for a very informative episode about Feng Shui and the power it has on your home and life.  In this episode Kerstin Tracy talks about everything from the dragon and tiger at your front door to why a head board needs to be solid and up against a wall. 

Did you know that passionate red isn't the best color for your bedroom and the moonlight shining on your child's face during the night can be detrimental to their sleep?  Or what about your life energy number and the 4 best directions for you, your child, and your partner?  We cover all of this and more...
We pack so much content into this episode ... I hope you grab a pen and paper!!  Enjoy.  Let me know what you think.

You better hang on for a fun ride with Kerstin Tracy as she introduces us to Feng Shui and how it can positively impact the feeling of your home, the ease and peace within a bedroom, the disagreements with your neighbors, and sleep time.

Wowza…she introduces us 1st to what feng shui is, how the bagua works with your home structure, dowsing, and the dragon and the tiger outside your door.  Using your compass to find the direction your home faces is extremely important as it allows you to position your body and bed based on your best directions.  Find those directions by downloading the energy number report at www.mariediamond.com.

Creating better balance in your home and within your rooms creates more balance for the family. And, as we know, more balance in the family creates for calmer, happier, and more meaningful experiences for everyone.

Apply Kerstin's tips and see what happens to your child's sleep schedule or the communication within your home.

"Your home should be your sanctuary."

Kerstin Tracy

Global Transformational Teacher | Marie Diamond at www.mariediamond.com 
Connect with Kerstin Tracy at https://www.kerstintracy.com

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