May 30, 2022

Meet Amazing: Lexi Weinberg - mom to a beautiful, magical son with autism

Meet Amazing: Lexi Weinberg - mom to a beautiful, magical son with autism

In this episode, Lexi Weinberg and I celebrate AMAZING. She is an amazingly accepting, intuitive, and honest mom who joins us to openly and honestly talk about the magic and the mess of raising her son with autism.
We cover the "shock of diagnosis," "honesty without judgment," and how we perhaps parent the world for children too much.
I hope you enjoy!

Lexi Weinberg and I talk about the shock of the “diagnosis” and how both of us were quite dumbfounded when we got the news from the doctors.  It certainly rocked both our worlds.  She gives us insight as to how she was using her intuition, without even knowing it, to understand and then communicate with her son which is partly why she didn’t really see her son’s early signs.

We celebrate the amazing “honesty without judgment” her son shows in every moment of his life be it with his words or how he gazes into your soul. She says it’s like looking into an ocean when she peers into his eyes.  I just adore that and imagine many of you have the same experiences with your little humans.  

I so appreciate Lexi’s raw answers to the big questions of “Why did I receive this child? Why did Spirit decide that this is the child for me?” Her son is her greatest teacher.  As is Teal!  

Towards the end of our discussion, we pose some questions for which we don’t have answers. We’d both appreciate your feedback to those thought-provoking questions if you’d take a moment to send in your ideas or experiences.

I hope you enjoy. And let me know what you think.