Jan. 30, 2023

Meet Amazing: Tiffany Goodchild and her Kourageous Karter

Meet Amazing: Tiffany Goodchild and her Kourageous Karter

We are excited to add another episode to the Meet Amazing series of For Our Special Kids.  Today, Jen talks with Tiffany Goodchild about her incredible son Karter.  This is a raw look into the real life of a beautiful family and their journey from a traumatic birth injury to celebration.

Tiffany is a strong advocate for her son, his inclusion in this world, and the right of every child to live their best life no matter what it takes.

Yes, we cry.  We cry because our discussion is genuine and heartfelt.  We talk about play dates and how important they are to every child. We discuss the grief that comes with a diagnosis and the life that could have been.  We explore those items that just aren't going to happen for our kids and how we can let those go to live more fully.

We dive deep into how Karter walks with his robot legs from Trexo Robotics and The Kourageous Karter Foundation. Tiffany's foundation just gave a year of walking to a child named Alex.  So fun.   A donation to their organization would mean another child next year gets to walk!

Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy.

Get in contact with Tiffany:

Instagram: @lifewithkourageouskarter

Facebook: @KourageousKarter


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