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June 6, 2022

Mindfulness & Meditation for Better Parenting with Kristen O'meara

Mindfulness & Meditation for Better Parenting with Kristen O'meara

In this episode, we discuss the importance of being mindful, or "in the now." Noticing the little things and increasing your awareness of your breath can change your entire perspective for yourself and your parenting.

How can finding a hawk feather lead you to a better understanding of your desire for freedom?   Can you be mindful while washing the dishes? 

In this episode, Kristen and I talk about meditation and mindfulness and how it positively impacts our soul and our ability to parent.  The 1st step to increase your mindfulness is to have a practice that calms your mind and your nervous system. Next, pay attention to your breath and have a deep awareness of your body and your consciousness in the present moment.

Kristen acknowledges that her 1st attempt to sit and meditate…”sucked.”  Being present in her body, to be grounded, opened her up to the struggles and healing she needed to experience.

She gives us great ideas on how to introduce mindfulness to our children.  She recommends making it enjoyable.   Be more childlike in everything you do and see the world through different eyes. Really, being present should bring joy.

And notice, every time Kristen says the word “breathe”…see if you take a breath!!  I did.  It’s good for you. 

I hope you enjoy. And, let me know what you think.