Jan. 16, 2023

Processing from Grief into Love with Alexis McGlynn

Processing from Grief into Love with Alexis McGlynn

In today’s episode, Alexis McGlynn and I give you a sneak peek into our future intentional and intuitive parenting course.  We discuss the surprise and shock of having a child that didn’t initially meet our expectations and how that causes grief and anger even depression. She then goes into how acceptance doesn’t have to mean loving your situation but that it does mean that you are willing to let it be and to go on living.  Alexis gives us examples of her gratitude practice and lets us in on how it allowed her to create unconditional love and positive regard for herself. That love then rolled into and onto her family. 

This conversation was deep and heartfelt and I certainly hope you enjoy.

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Telephone: 631.658.3015
Instagram: alexismcglynnhypnotherpay
Project Love International:
Instagram: Projectloveinternational 
TikTok: Projectloveinternational
Resources for managing through grief or negativity: https://www.fcc.gov/988-suicide-and-crisis-lifeline

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