Feb. 27, 2023

Raising Spiritual Children with Maren

Raising Spiritual Children with Maren

Take a moment with Maren and Jen to better understand how to proactively raise spiritual children.
You'll learn tangible tools to work with your child's energy and specific language to use when they wake up at night from their dreams, have fears that seem unexplainable, or tell you about what they "see"!
We hope you enjoy.

Our episode today is with Maren, a new friend of mine and a parent to 2 amazingly spiritual children. During our chat, Maren gives us lots of tangible, easily implementable strategies if you want to raise children in a more spiritual way.  She’s honest about how she perhaps used her words without understanding the impact of them on her then 2 year olds' “imaginary friend.” 

She gives lots of real life examples of how she now supports and validates her boys’ experiences and observations. And, those scenarios reall helped me with my interactions with Teal.  She shares steps we can all take with our children to encourage them, honor them, and raise them to be loving humans in our world. 

 We talk at the end about how when we simplify most of this journey we are on, it just comes down to love and light.

Everyone Feels ... Sometimes book series by Daniela Owens (mentioned by Jen in this episode).  

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