March 20, 2023

The Power of Words and Intention with Jolena Long

The Power of Words and Intention with Jolena Long

In today's episode Jolena gives us great advice on how best to parent our spiritually awakened kids. We hear her set boundaries with spirit and she demonstrates how we can model this for our kids. She gives us a great "bad dream spell" so be sure to have pen and paper ready if you have a little one who is having bad dreams or nightmares.

 She talks from personal experience about how it can be very hard as a child if parents don't talk about those "unseen" things like our ancestors and their energy.

She also gets into her volunteer role with a theatre company who works specifically with teenagers and young adults with special needs. And, we end with some inspiring information about spirit art!

This week's episode focuses on how, we as parents, can positively empower our children to be more comfortable and aware of their spiritual awareness.  We look at ways to use our words to model for our children so they can take back their power throughout the day.

What an amazing chat with Jolena.  I hope you enjoy.


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