Community Zoom: December 14th - 5pm PT
April 17, 2022

Your Child's Brain, Movement, & Neuroplasticity with Sylvia Shordike

Your Child's Brain, Movement, & Neuroplasticity with Sylvia Shordike

Sylvia Shordike introduces us to her company NeuroHorizons and how working with neuroplasticity can positively impact our children.  She discusses how using movement to communicate with the brain and our child’s nervous system allows the child to make new connections, which is neuroplasticity.  All of this helps a child more fully understand who they are as a growing, loving, curious human being. 

In order to make a difference for a child when they don’t develop as easily as a typical child, we must connect with the child through movement and be full embody so the child can make the changes in her or his brain. Nobody else can do it but the child.

She stresses how important it is to see your child as a whole person and not arms, legs, brain, etc.  Her techniques teach everyone in the family how to interact, touch, move, and relate differently…in a more connected and child focused way.

I have learned so much watching Sylvia work with Teal.  She empowers us all to be more present and more joyful.

“If you learn again to move like a child, you will grow older very differently.” – Sylvia Shordike


To learn more about NeuroHorizons, visit: or if you’re in Europe go to  Her Fundamentals of Experiential Movement courses will profoundly change your relationship with your child.  I highly recommend them.  Information can be accessed on her website.

If you’d like to buy the The NeuroHorizons Primer: Empower Yourself to Empower the Child With Special Needs, go to her website or Amazon.


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