May 15, 2022

Come One, Come All!

Come One, Come All!

Hello and Welcome to For Our Special Kids!

I wanted to personally thank you for joining this community and supporting Teal and me.  Hopefully, you can tell on the podcast that I am the luckiest mama around.  Teal is pure joy and magic.  This journey, however, is for everyone.  I hope to inspire you to talk more openly about the magic and the mess of raising your child...or being in a family with a child with special needs.  

I know I can get a little pie-in-the-sky/rose-colored at times but there are many days when I am exhausted, overwhelmed, consumed with regret or worry, crabby, and/or emotional.  I think my husband wishes "Podcast Jen" was around a bit more often! (Sigh...I'm human.)  But just like all of you, during those extremely challenging times, I would still do absolutely anything for our little girl. That is what love is and that is what she shows me each moment of every day.  When I am at my worst, she looks into my soul and brings out my best with her pure love.  

So, the next time you are exhausted, overwhelmed, consumed with regret or worry, crabby, and/or emotional, I hope you can breathe deep, give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and look into those beautiful eyes of your tiny human and feel their love. Your little human chose you. You are more than doing enough.  You are beyond!  

I believe in you.

Check out some of what we have been working on!

Birth Charts with Jenifer Edwards

Jenifer takes us on a journey in which the questions many of us are asking are already answered.  I hope this episode opens your eyes to the amazing possibilities this universe has for us all.  By better understanding our child's birth chart, we can meet them where they are today.  As a result, we can be better parents...we can be a better family.

Intuitive Parenting with Denise Correll

Denise, a psychic, intuitive, medium, podcast host, and former Special Education Teacher discusses how we can “use our intuition to be the most supportive in our role as a parent, an educator, a family member, or a friend to these amazing rays of light that are coming onto the planet or are already here.”

Your Child's Brain, Movement, & Neuroplasticity with Sylvia Shordike

Sylvia introduces us to how working with neuroplasticity can positively impact our children. She discusses how using movement to communicate with the brain and our child’s nervous system allows the child to make new connections, which is neuroplasticity.  All of this helps a child more fully understand who they are as growing, loving, curious human beings.

Cranial Sacral Therapy with Kimberly Painter

Get physical with Kimberly as we discuss Cranial Sacral Therapy, CST. We'll explore what CST is and how it can stimulate growth. And most importantly, we discuss how CST can affect the emotional, mental, and spiritual health of your child and your entire family.

Channeling Your Child's Higher Self

Kristen and Jen have a deep conversation about her journey from depression thru healing and finally into acceptance of her son, Austin's, autism diagnosis.  They address how to openly discuss the "differences" that a child with special needs has and how preconceived notions actually limit the amazing abilities of these children.